Ahmed Rashed has 30-years of experience in water science research, development, environment restoration, policy development focusing on Natural/Constructed wetland for water treatment system and conservation of natural habitat and he is a civil engineer & lecturer, water Engineering/ wastewater treatment and environmental Studies. He has a B.Sc. in civil engineering and M.Sc. in subsurface drainage systems evaluation from Mansoura University, Egypt. He has a Ph.D. in Constructed Treatment Wetlands from Mansoura University. Long-term professional experience and research include (1) Drainage Engineering, (2) Hydraulics, (3) water quality, (4) wastewater treatment, (5) constructed treatment wetland, water structures maintenance, (6) on farm water management, (7) Natural lakes restoration. He has wide experience in water irrigation/drainage engineering. He has an educational background in Civil engineering and construction engineering. He has participated in different training programs such as (1) Planning and Managing Water Resources, MVV, Manheim, Germany: Aug. 3rd-Nov. 14th 1998, (2) Marine, natural and constructed wetland academic training course, McGill Univ. McDonald campus, Montreal, Canada, May7th-Auguest 7th 2000, (3) Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for Resources Management and Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Matrouh Egypt: 21-25th July 2001, (4) Creating and Using Wetlands for Wastewater and Storm Water Treatment, Manitoba, Canada: 9-11th July 2002, (5) Statistical Concepts in Environmental Science, DRI, NWRC, Egypt: 16-27th Jan. 2004, (6) Use of Wetlands in Water Pollution Control, Aarhus Univ., Denmark: 1-7th Aug. 2004, (7) The Egyptian National Strategy for Wetlands Conservation, Sharing the National Committee as a representative of Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation 2003-2005, (8) Regional Technical Seminar «National Strategies and Policies for Wetlands» Beirut, Lebanon, MedWetCoast, 16-18 February 2004, (9) North-African wetlands workshop: Sustainable conservation and management issues, constraints and prospects, Rabat, Morocco, 2005, (10) Operational and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants., (Training Course), by UNESCO-IHE Institute for water education, 17-19 Sep. 2012, Amman, Jordan, (11) Experiences gained through participating in projects with national and international organizations and consultants; these projects funded by local and multinational financiers such as JICA, CIDA, UNDP.