Bio data of Prof. Atef Nassar

Dr. Nassar holds a University Degree in Agricultural Engineering Sciences from Cairo University, Egypt, two master's degree one from Ein Shams Uni., Egypt and the second from the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agricultural Studies (CIHEAM), Bari, Italy. Both are specialized in Water Science (Water Management) and a Ph.D. in On-Farm water management from the University of Ein Shams, Cairo, Egypt. He also obtained a Post Graduate Diplomas in Irrigation, from CIHEAM, Bari, Italy.
Dr. Nassar in 2014, took up the position as Deputy Director of Water Management Research Institute and a Senior Research Scientist. He has more than thirty years’ experience in research, practical and field work, identifying agricultural Engineering solutions, irrigation, drainage, new innovative technologies in garniture and food production. With experience in developing strategic partnership and research alliances with the agricultural industry, government, universities and research centers.
The main areas of expertise are: Evaluating and Monitoring the projects, participatory irrigation and drainage management, design, operation and maintenance, large experience in programs aimed at transfer of irrigation and drainage management responsibilities to water user organizations, gender issues in relation to water management, rural development, water resources management, and water pricing. He has gained a wide spectrum of experience due to the variety of projects’ nature and fields. He published 32 scientific papers; 6 single and 26 shared, and 41 technical reports. Dr. Nassar has considerable experience in the preparation of project proposals, large experience in project identification, preparation and evaluation and technical and financial bids of projects for international and national agencies. He worked also, through multidisciplinary and participatory approach in collaboration with national and international agencies such as Care, Cedare, FAO, ICARDA, JICA, and UNDP. He worked also for international companies such as Baghom (Egypt) and International Lahymer (Germany) as irrigation designer for two years in Tanzania and Malawi funded by African Development Bank (AfDB), Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
Dr. Nassar has large experience in training, having organized and taught in numerous courses and prepare abundant training material for researchers and communities. Community/Rural Development Project Planning after identification of rural and agricultural problems and appropriate solution under prevailing conditions, On the other hand, He is a lecturer in irrigation and drainage systems and Soil, Water and Plant relationships in many Universities.