Bio data of Prof. Atef Nassar

Overall management, Social Economic Development and Monitoring & Evaluation programme for water resources, irrigation, off and on-farm water management, environment and water supply projects including: supervision of operating staff and establishment of partnerships with different agencies and partners and capacity building for participatory management approaches for different water/environment projects; also the aspects/required of operational Risk Management.
Reviewing, Planning and optimizing different water sources and project’s resources for small and large scale catchments and related water harvesting technologies for all use purposes
Assist in the implementation of Water for Production Strategy according to the produced assessment indicators and Investment Plan to ensure the achievement of the approved Integrated Water Resources Management IWRM for the country.
Assessment and drawing the Irrigation Master Plan according to the agreed polices and related strategy.
Hydrological Analyses mitigation measures for Climate Changes with producing of the water resources maps and related possible/expected risk conditions for different regions and its operational scenarios and needed arrangements including the flood protection scenarios.
Provides overall project management and research services for international agricultural development, extension, and research projects. Co-operating with research group to carry out the research plan and programs of training.
Farm water management projects including calculation of crops water requirements and irrigation scheduling for the farm needs also responsibilities for project’s environmental aspects (environmental assessments and monitoring environmental awareness).
Evaluating the status of actual and Integrated Water Resources Management IWRM concepts in the water and irrigation project’s area and mechanism to improve work performances and needed action plan, training needs and formation of water users associations for management transfer.
Formation and monitoring the Water Uses Organizations WUOs and assessment of project’s capacity building and participatory approaches with institutional reform strategies with related training matrixes and programmes/modules also ensuring the involvement of different stakeholders in the decision making.
Developing and implementing programs for natural resources using different application techniques; with all required assignments and responsibilities.
11. Provide strategic guidance; prepare work-plans, tender document preparation, logistics, and field survey, budgeting and managing the required multi-disciplinary team. Conduct the proposed training and lecturing for project staff and beneficiaries in related subjects (water and land use, O&M, efficiencies, crop water requirements, crop returns and IWRM techniques) to improve work performances in all operational levels.
Assisting the Operation and Maintenances activities, procurement, logistics and field survey.