International Project

  • Egypt Water Use and Management Project (EWUP)

    This project was collaborate with USAID. The general objective of the project was to improve the social and economic conditions of farmers through the development and use of improved irrigation water management.


  • Study of El-Hammami Line Performance for Water Distribution (Under Low Pressure):

 A study was performed using low pressure pipes in irrigation of agricultural land in the area of Al-Hammami at El- Mansouria, Giza government with cooperation with the hydraulic research sector in Boalingford- United Kingdom.


  • Management of Water and Salinity in the Nile Delta

 The project aimed to determine physical and institutional interventions affecting the improvement of water management in the Delta using the integrated multi-level way (from farm to the main canal), taking into account the effect of different water qualities. It was funded by the Australian Government.


  • Designing Frame Works for integrated Water Resources Management

The project aimed to develop different scenarios for sustainable agricultural development with optimal management of water resources to cope with the expected rarity with the steady increase in population growth and funded by the Japanese government.


  • Designing Frame Works for integrated Water Resources Management

    The project was interesting in design and selection of a local model for the integrated management of water, relying on experience and how to deal with the problem.Humanities Research Institute and environmental (RIHN, Japan) was the partner part.


  • Development of Integrated Indices on Water Management Performance for Wise Irrigation

   The development of land and water management in Egypt, funded by the Japanese Society for the Advancement of Science (JSPS).