National Project

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Irrigation Improvement Project (IIP)

WMRI was implementing activities of the monitoring and evaluation of the irrigation improvement project within an area served of about 248.000 feddans in Kafr El-Sheikh and El-Behera Governorates.

  • Integrated Irrigation Improvement and Management Project (IIP)

WMRI role was acting as technical consultant for the Ministry of Water Resources and irrigation to improve water management in the project areas as to increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture in the Nile Delta.

  • South Valley Development Project "Tushka "

WMRI has taken the responsibility of planning, designing and supervising the implementation of different research farms to explore different actions that lead to the most ideal and appropriate research farms using the most recent applications in various fields of Water technology and agriculture. The institute has co-operated with the Development of South Valley authority in conducting and evaluation of cultivation around the wells scattered on the path of Sheikh-Zayed canal. The Institute has supervised many technical operations which can lead to the increase of production and water use efficiency.

  • North Sinai Development project:

WMRI shared DRI to develop and recommend the best methods of cultivation, irrigation and drainage for salt regions in Sahl Al-Tina. In addition, preparing the appropriate guidance process for farmers and investors in the region.