Regional Project

  • Community participation in the management of scarce water in the West Asia and North Africa

     This project aimed to improve the situation of farmers in dry areas in West Asia and North Africa by increasing agricultural productivity on the integrated management of water resources. This project funded by the Arab Fund for Agricultural Development.

  • Water and livelihoods Initiative (WLI)

     This project aimed to develop and evaluate an integrated strategy for the use of land for water livelihoods to maximize the income of farmers to face the limited water resources, soil degradation and food shortages in the Middle East and North Africa. The project funded from the USAID.

  • Supplementary Irrigation Project on the Northern Coast:

      WMRI was a member of a network for supplementary irrigation of rain fed and improved water management ways at farm level which includes a number of Arab countries in middle east and north Africa (8 countries'). The project was financed by the United Nations Development Program, (UNDP).

  • Rainfall Forecast and Strategic Water Management Project:

     This project a joint research with Cairo University, the Environment and Water Research Center, the University of Jordan and the Italian Consulting firm (ISMES). Financial support comes from the European Union. The research aimed to optimize using rainwater falling on the north coastal strip of Egypt, improving prediction techniques and making easy programs in the field of water management.