Bio data of Prof.Gamal Mohamed Elkassar

Job title:Director of Water Management Research Institute WMRI at WMRI

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Assets for performing the general tasks of WMRI for water resources and irrigation projects: 1. Planning (national, sector and regional levels) 2. Design, Implementation and Operation stages 3. Monitoring and Evaluation strategies: • Water Quantities/Qualities • Performance of WUA • Economic Analysis, and cost benefits • Valuing for unit of Water and Land • Conducting on-job capacity building programme for the on and off-farm activities for best management transfer. • Monitoring and Evaluation of water resources projects • Development of the existing irrigation networks. • Improvement of crop/irrigation rotation to achieve optimum water economic returns. • Improvement of current irrigation methods and improving the operational performance of irrigation outlets. • Tasks include, review the water master plan and assesst in preparing the requred Nationa Irrigation Policy • Advise on research and required actions on uses to ensure good performances and sustainability.

Areas of expertise:

* Management and Monitoring & Evaluation programme for water resources
* Water Management