Bio data of Dr.Alaa Ahmed Aly Gharieb

Job title:Deputy Head of Agriculture Water Requirements Department at WMRI

Email Address:

o Regional Manager of Eastern Delta region. o Water accounting project in Sharqia pilot area. o Redesign and Upgrade the networks and the pumps of IIP1 pilot area, cooperation with the World Bank, Behira and Kfr sheikh Governorates. o Head of monitoring and evaluation irrigation improving project, Behira Governorate. o Participate of surveying and soil morphological team for national projects. o Responsible of controlling seepage and banks slope stability study for large canals. o Participate in planning and design of irrigation and drainage networks and water structures. o Manager of Salhia and Zankaloon Research stations o Design and supervision of water structures. o Head of Technical Support and Project Manager of General Administration of projects and Maintenance, Saudi Arabia. o Project manager, Structural Design Engineer and quality control manager of many traditional, industries projects and storm water networks, hydrological studies, Saudi Arabia. o Responsible for borings, soil & foundations reports, pile load tests and concrete tests of various projects, Saudi Arabia.

Areas of expertise:

* Water management, evaluation of improvement irrigation systems and canals rehabitation.
* Redesign and Upgrade the networks and the pumps of IIP1 pilot area
* Soil water hydraulic, storm water networks and hydrological studies.