Bio data of Dr.Alaa Ibrahim Abdel Rahman Khalil

Job title:Researchers at WMRI

Email Address:

Scientific Qualifications ? Agricultural Engineering B.Sc. June 1996 ((General Grade: Very Good)) ? Diploma of Specialized Post Graduate Studies in {Land and water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture} July, 2003. CIHEAM, IAMB, Bari, Italy. ((General Grade: Excellent)) ? Master of Science in {Land and water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture} October, 2004.CIHEAM, IAMB, Bari, Italy.((General Grade: Excellent)) ? Ph. D. in Soil Science, 2018, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Technical Experience ? Agricultural Engineer in Water Management Research Institute (from 18-9-2018 up till now). ? Agricultural Engineering Engineer in Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AENRI) (from 15-3-1997 to 31-7-1998). ? Editing and technical writing of irrigation water requirements reports. ? Improving the productivity of Sandy soil. ? Management of Agro-Meteorological Station and Lysimeter and its data processing. ? Management and Maintenance of Drip, Sprinkler and surface irrigation system. ? Management of Soilless and Hydroponic culture systems> ? Participating in workshops and conferences in Egypt, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and USA.

Areas of expertise:

* Soil Physics
* Evapotranspiration
* Farm Irrigation System